There was a time when Native Americans did not write their words. All of our history and all of our teaching were handed down from generation to generation by the Legend Keepers. Each CD is an hour long and contains ancient legends and music from many different tribes
Jackie Crow
Jackie Crow Hiendlmayr
First CD Circle of Life, .All --- Why Do They Call Us Indians?,--- Jackie Crow - The Eagle and Bear, .Blackfoot --- Konka,. Aleut --- How the Skunk Got His Stripe,. Shawnee --- Patchwork Turtle,. Miccosukee --- Lake Okeechobee,. Seminole --- The Last Journey,. Abenaki Gift of Corn,. Cherokee --- Magic Buffalo, .Sioux --- How the Bobcat Lost His Tail, .Mohawk --- The Bittersweet Strawberry, .Cherokee -- Vision, .Navajo -- - The Rabbit and the Fox, .Creek
Story Rock , .Seneca --- Wolf Man, .Mohawk --- Eagle Touch the Sun, .Catawbas --- Evil Woman, .Miccosukee --- Hummingbird and the Crane, .Cherokee --- Magic Rainbird, Inca --- Rainbow Snake, .Shoshone--- Mud Pony, .Sioux --- Fox and the Rabbit, .Creek --- Cat Cousins, .Seneca --- Bread, .Creek --- No Face Doll, .Iroquois -- Hopi Creation, .Hopi --- Friendship, .Alponquin
White Buffalo, .Sioux --- Magpie's Nest, .Cheyenne --- Horse Boy, .Pawnee -- - Lily, .Shoshone --- Niagara Falls, .Seneca --- The Skunk, .Sac Fox --- Katchinas, ,Navajo --- Fire, ,Cherokee --- Medicine,, Cherokee --- Milky Way, ,Chippewa --- Turkey Hunt, ,Spokane --- Sasquatch, ,Swinomish
Butterflies, ,Papago --- The Flood, ,Tunica-Biloxi --- Pet Pig, ,Cherokee --- Raven Thief, ,Tlingit --- Coyote Cheat, ,Brule Sioux --- Blue Jay, ,Nisqually --- Old Man and The Lynx, ,Blackfoot --- Glooscap's Wishes, ,Penobscot --- The Opossum's Tail, ,Creek --- Alligator Power, ,Choctaw --- Coyote and The Monster, ,Nez Perce --- Devil's Tower, ,Sioux
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