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Debra Miller, 4th Grade Teacher, Evergreen Elementary School

"Thank you for coming to our school and giving us a different perspective on the history of American Indians. The students and I really enjoyed the program. When we got back to class they discussed how they appreciated being told the "truth" about the wars with the Indians. Although I have always been fascinated with the Native American culture. I had never been presented with their perspective in such a way. It made me think. It made the students think. And I thank you for a learning experience I will not forget. You being a keeper of the legends is very impressive to me yet must be an awesome responsibility for you. In class I enjoy using mythology and legends of different tribes to explain where spiders came from, why bats fly at night, etc. The students are very attentive to these stories and usually ask, "Is it true?" Please let me know if there is a particular resource of legends that would be suitable for sharing with fourth graders. Again, thank you for your time and efforts. It was a wonderful production/history lesson.


Alfonso E. Lenhardt, Major General, U.S.Army  

"On behalf of the Ft. McClellan community, I want to thank you for the outstanding performances your organization presented during the Native American Indian Ceremony. The historical information you shared with us was informative and well received. Your significant contributions to the legacy of Native Americans will be passed on to future generations."

Peyton Ferrington, Florida Division of Cultural Affairs  

"Congratulations on being selected for the Florida State Touring Program. On behalf of the Department of State and the staff of the Division of Cultural Affairs, I commend your company for excellence in the performing arts."

Frank Ross, Executive Director, Florida State Fair Authority  

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in our Entertainment Program. On behalf of the Florida State Fair Authority, I want to tell you that your performances were outstanding and very well received by fairgoers, as indicated by the crowds at each of your shows. There were 924,556 fairgoers who passed through our turnstiles this year."

Mrs. Orentral, Carrollwood Day School  

"The children and I enjoyed your presentation so much, the stories were wonderful...Your love and reverence for mother earth should be an inspiration to us all. Thank you."

Lisa Conescu, Young Audiences of New Orleans,

"Thank you for the many performances you did here last week. Our schools enjoyed having you, learning about you, and watching you perform. I'd say you were indeed inspiring!"

Yvette Hechtel, University of Southern Maine

"Thank you for bringing your wonderful story-telling workshop to our students in the Occupational Therapy Masters Program. Your insight into the Native American ways moved us to tears. We feel we found more than a teacher, we found a friend."

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