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Celebrations of American Indians
Jackie and karen
Jackie and Pat

Jackie Crow with Karen Davis, Executive
Director of the Jewish Arts Foundation,
Palm Beach, Florida
November 14, 2000


Jackie Crow with Pat Hollifield, at
Jones County Junior College in
Ellisville. Mississippi
November 29 2000
American Indian Legends
Native Storyteller
For thousands of years, before there were books, radios or televisions, Native Americans used legends to remember our past and teach our children about the future. In our program, these stories are still told by Cherokee Legend Keeper, Jackalene Crow. She brings to each audience a broad range of traditional legends from many different tribes. Recorded flute music and pow-wow drum songs provide a background for the spellbinding tales. The programs can be tailored to your individual audience from Preschool through adults.
Why Do They Call Us Indians?
Spirt Being
This program shares a refreshing look at the arrival of Europeans on the American continent from the perspective of the Native Americans. It traces the time before written history, through the tragedy of the Five Civilized Tribes and the Trail of Tears, to the modern success of "BINGO". The story is told with humor and understanding and is always followed by a lively session of questions and answers. The program is available with or without slides and is accompanied by music from the Smithsonian Wax Cylinder collection. At the conclusion of the program, the audience is invited to join the narrator in a traditional stomp dance. The program is for audiences from 4th grade to adult.
Storytelling Workshops

Turtle Island

Workshops are available for groups of ten or more participants
and are a minimum of two hours long.
1. Native American Legends - The legends of the dream-catcher, the talking stick, the medicine wheel, the coup stick and the medicine bag.
2. The Business of Story Telling - How to develop marketing materials and techniques
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  • Our fees are based on several factors:

  • Travel Distance

  • Number of Performances
We will try to work within your budget. Contact us for quotes for your
specific program. We tour year round and usually book well in advance,
but sometimes have open times to fill in. We can perform indoors
or outdoors and do not have to have a stage.

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What To Do Next
This Page is designed to give you a brief overview of our mission
and programs. We have a more detailed information package.
If you would like to learn more,
Please E-Mail usE mail AnimJackie Crow or write to
Jackalene Crow Hiendlmayr
1720 NW 38th Ave.
Ocala, Florida 34482
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