Silver Arrow Gallery
Silver Arrow Gallery
The gallery is located in Tannerville, Pa .They have an impressive collection of authentic, top quality Native American art, jewelry and crafts. Each year they travel to reservations to buy directly from the best artisans.
roy peters
Story Teller Flutes
His magical native music enchants everyone - young and old alike. Roy Peters is a flute player and a constructor of finest quality Native American love flutes - but above all, he has a mystical quality to reach your inner child - the one who long ago gave up on learning to play the saxophone, or flute, or whatever. He is also one of the finest flute players in the country.
Native Web
Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World. Extensive information about Native people, organizations, and events. Includes listings of professional employment opportunities and much, much more
Indians Traders
The directory of American Indian &; Western Art, Artists and Dealers. Our goal is provide a useful forum for Artists, Dealers and collectors.
First Nations People

Village of First nations First
First of all, we wish to acknowledge the Saanich and Songhees peoples of the Coast Salish Nation. Thank you for allowing us to create this website from our location in Victoria, B.C., part of the ancestral homeland of the Saanich and Songhess people.

Rainmaker Crafts

Rainmaker's inventory is not mass produced, our unique catalog of art works and artifacts is constantly changing. Though many of the works are of museum quality by respected artists of both centuries, we believe our prices are well within the range of the average buyer. As soon as possible, each category below will have a page with current pictures and prices devoted to it.

Native American Arist
Native American Artist Home Page
Please take the time to enjoy the unique art of these truly American Artists. Indian
Art is by nature deeply spiritual and symbolic. To fully appreciate the meaning
conveyed by each art work requires time. The artist has added their own words to
each painting to assist you.

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