Alligator Wrestler

This short children’s book will give readers a chance to examine the author’s writing style and her extensive and accurate knowledge of Native American history, culture, and traditions. It is a story about Junie, who was born to be an Aztec Indian dancer until a plane crash ended her parent’s lives. Suddenly she was thrust into a new world with family she had never met before. In one life-saving moment she proved that girls could wrestle alligators and she became a proud part of her mother’s Seminole Indian world.
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The Buffalo Robe

This is the story of a Native American boy and his bravery as he faces the tragic loss of his parents. It gives the reader an amazing insider's look at the celebration of the pow-wow, the history of the dances and the tradition of the naming ceremony
The first dance class to compete was Little Jon's. He could feel his heart pounding in his throat and he felt sick to his stomach. He joined the other boys as they lined up to enter the circle. "Dance from your heart and it will be good," he could hear his father's voice in his head. Suddenly the music ended and the dance was over and he could really hear his father voice, cheering for him. He ran out to his father and then stopped. He could not hug him as he had in the past, now they shook hands in a man-to-man way. "It was good," said his father, "You did very well."
"911, what is your emergency?" asked the operator.
"There's a dead woman in a van in my parking space!" shouted Danny. "Please, send somebody! I'm sure she's dead and she's in my parking space!" After nearly a half-hour Frank grew bored. "I'm going to check out the rest of the van," he said. " I thought I saw something in the back." He slid the side door of the van open and saw the buffalo robe in a pile on the floor. He noticed the beautiful porcupine quill decorations around the edges and decided he'd better get it out and take it to the woman's family to help identify her. He tried to pull on the robe but it seemed to be caught on something. Then he thought he saw the robe moving. He grabbed the robe and pulled on it again and then he saw Little Jon. The child was blue from the

Can be PURCHASED @ Amazon
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